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Finding time for extra activities can be hard and taking on a Qualification is no exception! But with the reward of finishing that qualification or short course or any extra activity you choose to do the added time and effort is worth it!

If you have decided to take the leap into full time, part time or distance study why not give some of these suggestions a try (I know they have helped me)



Find a support network – Studying with friends can help you with motivation, it’s also great to have other people to discuss topics with to gain a better understanding or another perspective

Get plenty of sleep – Sleep is vital! It is important to ensure your brain is awake and fully functional

Schedule in your study – Setting regular times will help you by knowing that you have set a certain time just for study so you will take that time to study, setting times will also ensure you don’t leave everything till the last minute!

Have a set place that you study make sure there are no distractions around – Distractions lead to temptations! Rid your area of all distractions and you won’t be tempted to do something else

Have everything you need in one place – being organised will also defend you from distractions. If everything is in one place there is no need to pass the kitchen to get that text book… and grab a sandwich, and catch some TV and chat with your room mate.. You will also feel calmer if everything is in the right place rather than stressing about where you left your favourite pen!

Take good notes – I am a sucker for notes & the good old highlighter! Taking notes and highlighting important sections will help you later down the track and means you don’t have to rely on just your memory all of the time

Start your assessment work as soon as you get it – Just do it! Starting is always the hardest part and doing little bits along the way will make that last minute assessment a piece of cake!

Ensure you have a balanced time for study, work and play! – You are not a robot made for work work work, No one feels like studying or gets the best results when they are stressed… balance is the key!

Ask questions – That’s what learning is all about! If you don’t know something ask!

Know your learning style – This is a great way to know what methods are best for you to use throughout your studies. To find out more about Learning styles take a look at our post Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligence’s – What’s it all about?


Getting a qualification is not only a rewarding experience it’s a great way to boost your career and maybe get that promotion you have been wanting! Did you know that around 3 million Australians aged 15-64 (20%) were enrolled in a course of study in 2011, according to a report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)… Why not join the 20% and be ahead of the rest!