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What is RPL?


RPL is the acronym for Recognition of Prior Learning and it is the process by which an RTO recognises a persons work experience and skills in place of other assessments such as exams or assignments. RPL allows a participant to prove their knowledge and skills by providing evidence from their workplace rather than completing set assignments. Participants can RPL a complete qualification or a portion of a qualification by RPLing a single unit of competency at a time.

RPL is a great tool for those people who have been in the workforce but have not had the chance to study. It is also a great way for more experienced workers to gain recognition, saving them time (and often money) by not having to go back to study.

A qualification can be a great way of showing an employer the level or standard of knowledge and skills you have. Nationally recognised qualifications are often used as a benchmarking tool for employers to ensure a minimum criteria has been met by potential and current employees. The employment market is highly competitive so having a qualification could be just the thing to get you over the line. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics,  63% of Australians aged 25-64 have a qualification so it is important not to get left behind.

If you are considering RPL it is important to know that proving your experience and skills is as simple as providing evidence. Evidence can include a range of documents and materials from your workplace or work experience. Some examples include; workplace documents, forms templates, correspondence, historic records, or policies and procedures.

Say for example you wanted to RPL the unit of Competency titled: Make a Presentation. You could provide evidence such as; a presentation plan, a script, some feedback forms from presentations you have delivered or even provide copies of your presentation support materials such as PowerPoint slides or handouts.

If you wanted to RPL the unit of competency titled: Monitor a safe workplace. You could provide evidence such as; risk assessments, risk matrix, hazard identification forms, policies and procedures around safety, meeting minutes or agenda that include workplace safety or even records of attendance and safety training courses.

When applying for RPL with Shoreline, we have our Trainers talk you through your experience and your current workplace, so you are not alone in deciding what evidence is suitable for your application. Trainers can also help you decide what units are most appropriate for you to apply for and what options you have if you are struggling to meet the criteria.

If you are not able to RPL a full qualification, we can help train you to complete any skills gaps you might have. We also use evidence based assessments in our training so if you have some evidence but not enough experience to RPL, you can still save yourself time on assessments!